Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well HEY! Nothing much has been happening with my mouth lately (WHICH IS GREAT!) so that's why I haven't updated or anything. But TODAY marks ONE YEAR since my jaw was broken in two places! Can't believe that I went though with it. It was honestly the best medical decision of my life (except for maybe my epidural HAHA).

I wear my retainers in the evenings and all night. I see my orthodontist and my surgeon in April. I'm hoping I get the go ahead from my ortho to only wear to bed, but we'll see. I'm still extremely happy with my smile. There are tiny gaps in little places occurring but there's nothing I can do about those- says my ortho. Just normal movement. They don't bother me either.

I still can't really feel my upper gums, but it doesn't bother me at all anymore. It's just weird sometimes.

I love my smile! I wish I had more to say, but here's some photo spam instead. :P

Me, TODAY. Loving life and my new smile! 

Me with my retainer in- you can't even tell! 

First photo was taken in October 2013, 2nd one was a week or so ago.

Progression of my smile. I can't believe how swollen my lips were! Crazy!

Hope all you all other jaw surgery bloggers are living your life now and enjoying your new smiles! :D Here's some more pics of my life!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Year in Review...

Well it's been about 9 months since jaw surgery! I can't believe it. This year has been such a whirlwind. I would not have changed anything. Here's a few pics to see what my face/life has been through....

January 2014
February 2014
Day 2 after surgery- March 2014
April 2014
May 2014
June 2014
July 2014
August 2014
September 2014
November 2014
November 2014
December 2014
Today, December 23, 2014
Profile comparison. CRAZY! (Excuse my un-made-up face in the 2nd one. It was after working out!)
Oh what a difference a year makes! Check out that sexy smile/jaw! ;)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! :) Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me!

Friday, October 31, 2014


As of Tuesday- my braces are officially off! :) And let me tell you... I can't stop taking selfies!!!

Just minutes after getting out of the orthodontist's office. 
Everyone was so excited for me! It took approximately one minute to get them off. That's so crazy! Hurt a little bit, but not much and was sooo quick.

Bye bye braces AND arch wire!
YUP. You read that right! I don't need an arch wire on the roof of my mouth anymore! He said I should be fine without it!!! So right now I have NO metal in my mouth! *hallelujiah*

I have my upper (plastic) retainer. It's amazing and beautiful. Can hardly tell I'm wearing it! I will have to wear both my retainers 24/7 (except for eating and brushing) for 4 months. That's like nothing, haha. I don't have my bottom retainer yet. He asked me if I'm okay with a regular (metal) one for the bottom. I don't even care, haha. So I will be getting that one next week. They said it might be hard to talk with my retainer... but I have had NO problems, haha. I suspect that's because I spent 6 weeks in that plastic splint that was 3x as large as this retainer.

They took some photos (below) and I was on my way! Everything is awesome! It's so crazy to not have to get all the food out of my braces after every meal. I'm not sure that will ever get old, haha. Photo spam time!

Before (April 2012)
After (October 2014)

Before (April 2012)
After (October 2014)

Day before I got my braces off- and Tuesday right after!!!! :)
Before surgery, after surgery, and braces-off day!
Me and my girl this morning (on Halloween)!

I was so amazed how my teeth looked after they cleaned all the glue off! I was so nervous they were going to have white spots or yellow spots.... but no- they were beautiful! And they looked super big, haha.

I went to the regular dentist to have a cleaning on Wednesday. I have 3 cavities that we already knew about so I need to get those filled and possibly get another crown. :( Boo, but oh well. I'm just so happy I don't even care!!!!! It was weird when they were cleaning my teeth because a good portion of my upper teeth I still can't feel. It's never really a big deal, it was just amusing at the dentist. 

I have some awesome Halloween parties to go to this weekend I cannot WAIT to show off my awesome new teeth!!!!!!! :) 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good news...

In approximately a month I will be getting my braces off!! Woohoo!! So much excitement. Ortho scheduled me for one more adjustment on the 14th and then let me schedule my de-bracing/retainer-fitting for October 28th! Exactly 2 years and 1 week from when I got them on!

Can you even believe it?! I can't! Here's a comparison photo. I can't believe how much the swelling has gone down!!! The doc said 6 months until the majority of the swelling is gone. And he was right... funny how doctors sometimes are... lol.

It probably helps that I've lost like 25 lbs though... hahaha. The tip of my nose still seems a little big bigger than I'd like, but I think that's more from them expanding that part of my face, not really from swelling. Even though it's bigger... I think it fits my face better. Everything looks a little more balanced because of it.

First one was the week I got braces on and the 2nd one is this week! SO AMAZING. I love that teeth actually fit together now!!!!!!! 

Right now I'm coaching my friend through her jaw surgery with the same surgeon. She's due to get hers in the beginning of November. It is just single jaw surgery, but that doesn't make it any less scary! It's crazy remembering all this stuff I went through, now it hardly seems like a big deal. The recovery was rough, but only for the first week or so. I think I've completely blocked out the memory of the splint. Cursed thing. 

Anyway that's my update. See you on the other side of bracefaceland!!!!! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Just had a post-op appt with Dr. Ochs. It was one of those quick 5 minute appointments. He said everything looked great (he's very impressed with his work, haha) and sent me off to take some x-rays! He also said that I may still get feeling back in my upper gums so try not to worry about it too much, haha. I said considering everything that's the least of my concerns. He said it won't be long now for the braces to come off, haha. Everyone's constantly saying that! C'mon people!

I have an otho appt on Tuesday so I'm PRAYING he'll say the next appt it's braces off time, but I'm not getting my hopes up..... Also the next time I see Dr. Ochs is after I get my braces off! So crazy!

I just wanted to put this on the record. Having jaw surgery was like one of the best decisions I've ever made I feel like. And it's only been 6 months! haha. It's changed my life for the better.

Here's an update before/after. My face is visually thinner because I have lost weight, so it looks like the photos are different sizes, but they are about the same.

My teeth fit together SO beautifully. It's amazing. Can't wait to get these stupid braces off.

Here's a few recent photos and comparisons. LOVE my faceeee. Recent photos are on the left. 

October 2012

2 days after braces on- October 2012.

Here's me with my painting I did at a colors and bottles event for my birthday with friends! It was so much fun and I felt amazing. Inside AND out. <3

 Probably won't update again until I hear about the braces sitch. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Almost 5 months post-op!

WOW this year is just FLYING by.

I have my rubber band back on. Tight ones this time. Not really a big deal. But that happened.

Got my expander in place! It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. It doesn't affect my speaking AT ALL and it's super easy to keep clean because there's a lot of space above it. Here it is:

No more big thick wire for me!

My upper gums are still numb. It doesn't really affect me- I'm just concerned I'm not brushing at well as I used to. I'm trying. Thinking about rescheduling my dentist cleaning appt. I probably shouldn't though. Not sure when these braces are coming off.... I'll ask what the dentist office thinks. On that note I am SO unhappy with the color my upper teeth have become. A combination of bad enamel, too much coffee and braces. Not cool. Can't wait to get these stupid things off!

My ortho keeps saying "it won't be long now!" I had 3 appts in a row and he was pretty positive through all of them.

Almost 5 months post-op and loving my new smile!
 Just some life photos of things lately. LOVING LIFE!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rubber Band Update!

Good news, bad news time.

The bad news is that the ortho assistant forgot to place the hooks on my teeth so I could make my mini-triangles with my rubber bands at night. There was a lot of phone tag (since my ortho was on vacation) and me forgetting to call back. He said to just stop wearing the bands until he can get in there and see if any damage had been done. It was 2 weeks between appts.

Good news time- I got into the office today and before the assistant could put the hooks on... Dr. Mortimer took a look and said that I don't have to wear them anymore! He said my teeth are looking perfect and the gap hasn't changed at all! Woohoo! I'm rubberbandless at all times now!

That's my update. I was just excited. I go back to the ortho on the 29th (MY BIRTHDAY) so I may update then! Or before! Who knows! I have 3 appts in a row (boooo spacers) so I'm not looking forward to it... =\

Yay no more bands!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 months post-op!

Hello, all! I can't believe it's been 3 months since double-jaw surgery! Amazing, really!

These past few weeks I have been back to eating salads and man I missed them sooooooo much! They are so much easier to eat now then before surgery! It's amazing! Here's a few basic updates then we'll get into orthodontics.

Swelling: Still hanging around on my upper cheeks, but lessened from last month at least! So annoying, still.

Numbness: Can now feel PARTS of my upper palate (YAY!) but my upper gums are still pretty numb in the front. A little less numb closer to the back of my mouth. Pretty annoying actually, but whatever.

Pain: Sometimes when brushing (top teeth still sensitive). And after ortho adjustments (TODAY!).

Yay! I love my smile! My nose still looks a little big when I smile, but I don't really care. As long as I can chew - it's alllll gravy, baby!

Had an orthodontist appt this morning! Good news all around! He had a resident shadowing him so he was a little more talkative than normal. :P

Things I learned:
  • Everything is looking great- keep wearing my rubber bands just at night (I've only forgot ONE time!).
  • I am getting an upper palate expander wire (so that means I had to make 3 appts in a row- one for the separator, one to place the expander, and then a regular appt and to take molds). 
  • The expander wire will have to stay on even after I get my braces off- for 8 months! (but not forever- this is because once my braces are off- the cheek muscles are going to try to fight back to take that extra space- so the expander will keep that from happening.)
YUP- you read that correctly! I obviously don't have a date yet, but my next official "appt" is August 12th. Then probably a September appointment of some sort, then I COULD POSSIBLY have them off by Halloween! That would make my October the best ever! *Fingers crossed* for me everyone!

As Cassie said in her recentish entry- life goes on. My baby girl is turning one in less than a month. Can't believe it. We're planning just a fun BBQ with friends for her bday since she won't remember it and we don't know too many people with kids, haha. She will be eating some cake though! haha isn't that the whole point of having a party? lol

Here's some photos of my life recently:

My peanut is not such a peanut anymore. :(

Mother's Day
Jimmy Buffett Drive-In Concert
Father's Day

Before (Oct. 2012)
After (June 2014)

Also random, but a friend's (from college) wife messaged me on Facebook and said she heard I had jaw surgery and she was nearing her surgery time and wanted to know if I could answer some questions for her. I told her I was happy to and showed her the link to my blog- little did I know that she also has Dr. Ochs as her surgeon! I told her she is in GOOD hands! It's nice to find someone that has had Dr. Ochs, too bad it's AFTER my surgery but I'm glad I was able to reassure her. She is, like I was, FULL of questions. I feel so thankful to have had this great blogging community to turn to with all my questions! :) Love you all!